Looking at the challenging situation of Indian farmers company directors have decided in year 2018 to serve in a new way which will not only support to farmers to improve profits but also will surely clear their major confusions about traditional farming practices.

In the same direction company directors had started their tough journey by visiting many farmers of Maharashtra and had started to let understand them about organic farming practice with innovative technology viz. Gluconate technology. But due to the previous bad experiences it was difficult for farmers to understand and accept the concept. By moving throughout the length & breadth of Maharashtra and meeting more than 500 farmers company directors have decided to offer free demo in more than 20 districts. Also, they had tried to monitor the comparative results against traditional practices. They succeeded to deliver the better performance and in turns convince the farmers.

Parallelly company had also initiated the process of drawing the no objection certificate from Hon. Commissioner of Agriculture from Pune. It feels proud to say that we are the first in Maharashtra to do the same. With the help of both aspects i.e. results & noc, company started to visit many dealers after its inception as a Private Limited company in Feb 2019 and succeeded to convince them the golden opportunity to construct their future by aligning themselves with the upcoming concept of Organic India promoted by our Hon. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

India wants sustainable, profitable & easy farming practice. Company directors made themselves align with the same bright & futuristic concept of organic farming. Running towards the aim of serving & reaching up to 1,00,000 farmers company has decided to explore many verticals like appointing distributors, dealers & retailers through out the Maharashtra, promoting own demo farm, buyback agreement tie up with vegetable growing farmers, organic certification and etc. which gives a robust structure to company to expand rapidly. Company is committed to serve Indian farmers in all possible ways.



Bhushan S Chhajed

He is an entrepreneur and has been serving agriculture since more than 17 years. He has vast knowledge about agriculture mechanization practices. He has been awarded at state level, regional level as well as national level by delivering the versatile performance in the area of CSI, growth, market share, ESI, service and many other parameters. Along with this he is passionate to increase the productivity and profitability of farmers. He is willing to provide not costlier but effective & sustainable farming with simplified practice. He has come up with new technology called Gluconate Technology and his team has invented the residue free & organic molecule in the family of Amino acids & fermented glucose. It took more than 22 years to invent the molecule. He has specialized & certified skills about Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) & Stress Management. He keeps sufficient knowledge about acupressure therapy, magneto therapy.

Bhushan S Chhajed Founder
Dinesh Khandelwal Director

Dinesh Khandelwal

He is graduate. He has got powerful experience of laisoning in government. He has got better relations in beaurocrats and hard working nature makes him more attractive. He knows the ground reality very well. His presence is proud for the company. He is pretty experienced to give the directions to the company due to which company is achieving exponential growth.

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